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33rd Annual Jr. High Afro Ball


SeaGate Convention Centre
401 Jefferson Ave 43604 Toledo United States
The Jr. High Afro Ball is entering its 33rd year of providing local youth with an opportunity to shine and celebrate what they have accomplished throughout the school year. The Afro Ball is much more than an evening of dancing and friends; it is a rite of passage for area youth before attending high school. This multicultural event honors all area 7th and 8th graders.
For the last several years the Jr. High Afro Ball has attracted over 800 area youth annually to celebrate their academic achievements. Now grandparents and parents that attended the Afro Ball are watching and celebrating as their grandchildren and children are getting dressed up to attend the memorable event.

Ticket Cost: $30.00
Must bring your student ID, grade card or interim report to purchase.

For more information call 419-248-2467